Cover for I Thought You Loved Me book

I Thought You Loved Me Fieldmouse Press, May 2023 – ORDER THIS BOOK

“Can I have a crush on a comic? There is so little experimentation anymore in the form, it feels abrupt and exciting to fall into I Thought You Loved Me, like an infatuation, the brights are bright and the darks, dark. MariNaomi creates a new idiom for this comic, pushing the form to describe and evoke the layers of the story, which is eluding her even as she tries to tell it. Brilliant, heartbreaking, revealing as a dream.” – Alexander Chee, author of How to Write an Autobiographical Novel

“This book is a tremendous achievement. I’ve never read anything else quite like this.” – Steph Cha, author of Your House Will Pay

“A visual feast…ideal for anyone who remembers the betrayal of losing your best friend but still knows that we all grow and change–so the future holds hope.” – Booklist

“(A) diligent, beautifully rendered inquiry unpacking traces of a largely forgotten personal story.” – Washington Post

“A defiantly odd graphic memoir” – Los Angeles Times

“Innovative…captivating…equal parts wistful and skeptical, wise and all too human.” Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

“Dazzling in theme, story, and visuals…a standout graphic memoir.” – Foreword, starred review

I Thought You Loved Me is a fucking amazing book.” – Gina Murrell, Razorcake Magazine