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Life on Earth
a graphic novel trilogy
by MariNaomi

Book One: Losing the Girl

losing the girl
Library bound ISBN-13: 978-1-5124-4910-5
Published by Graphic Universe, January 1, 2018

$29.32 hardcover retail
$11.99 paperback retail
Buy it from Lerner Books. SALE!

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About Losing the Girl

Claudia Jones is missing. Her classmates are thinking the worst...or at least the weirdest.
It couldn't be an alien abduction, right?

None of Claudia's classmates at Blithedale High know why she vanished--and they're
dealing with their own issues. Emily's trying to handle a life-changing surprise. Paula's
hoping to step out of Emily's shadow. Nigel just wants to meet a girl who will laugh
at his jokes. And Brett hardly lets himself get close to anybody.

In Losing the Girl, the first book in the Life on Earth trilogy, Eisner-nominated
cartoonist MariNaomi looks at life through the eyes of four suburban teenagers:
early romance, fraying friendships, and the traces of a mysterious--maybe
otherworldly--disappearance. Different chapters focus on different characters,
each with a unique visual approach.

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Sample Pages

From the perspective of Nigel Jones:


From the perspective of Emily Hiroko Baker:


From the perspective of Brett Hathaway:


From the perspective of Paula Navarro:


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Praise for Losing the Girl

"Losing the Girl is a success from top to bottom. ... There are many familiar elements of
teen romance here, to be sure, but MariNaomi approaches with a level of sophistication
and humanity that's rare for any story of this kind." ~ The Comics Journal

"...gripping, affecting graphic novel. ... A moody, compassionate reflection of
adolescence in turmoil." ~ Kirkus Reviews

"(MariNaomi's) creative artistic effects amplify the tension and awkward emotions,
transforming a familiar story of young love into something memorable and new."
~ Publisher's Weekly

"MariNaomi skillfully weaves webs of intrigue, and fans of suspenseful graphic
novels will be interested in how events play out."
~ School Library Journal

"What makes the book stand out are the sensibilities MariNaomi brings into the
work; giving it a subtle, grounded tone while still fully delving into the complex
ways friendship and romance can intertwine amidst a small group of people.
The book is smart and nuanced in a way that not only avoids the trap of
patronizing its intended audience, but also provides older readers a way to
reflect on the interconnectedness of their own lives."
~ Robin Enrico, Broken Frontier

"The first title in MariNaomi's Life on Earth graphic novel trilogy pushes past the
expected elements of a setup and well into what promises to be an involving
drama... Readers will be waiting."
~ The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (R = recommended title)

"Losing the Girl is a sparkling and complex novel with its feet on the ground and
its eyes on the stars. MariNaomi shows great empathy for her characters, even
as she refuses to sugarcoat the complexity of being a teen. Highly recommended!"
~ Hope Larson, cartoonist, author of Compass South and Knife's Edge

"MariNaomi authentically captures the angst, vulnerability, and longing of the
teenage soul through not just one but four unique and distinct voices."
~ Jen Wang, cartoonist, The Prince and the Dressmaker

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Buy it from Lerner Books

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© 2018 MariNaomi

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