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I Thought YOU Hated ME
by MariNaomi

ISBN 978-1-940398-49-5
Published by Retrofit Comics, September 21, 2016

$9 retail
Buy it from Retrofit Comics.

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About the Book

When MariNaomi first meets Mirabai in grade school, Mirabai seems to be more of a
bully than a friend. But over the course of time, their relationship shifts from tense to
friendly, to drifting apart, to reconnecting and finding something much deeper.

I Thought You Hated me is a comics memoir about female friendship, a story that
doesn't involve stale tropes like acrimonious competition or fighting over boys.
It explores the complexity and depth of this particular friendship through snapshot-
vignettes of relevant moments over thirty years, painting a portrait of something
unique but relatable, common but extraordinary.

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Praise for I Thought YOU Hated ME

"This cartoonist perfectly captures the highs and lows of friendship."
~ Los Angeles Magazine
Read the entire Los Angeles Magazine article here.

"I Thought YOU Hated ME is a fantastic portrait of how friendships are born,
how they blossom and eventually wither."
~ Phillippe LeBlanc, Comics Beat
Read the entire Comics Beat review here.

"MariNaomi has a precise eye for small moments of big change. Fall in love with
your best friend all over again with 'I Thought YOU Hated ME.'"
~ Brooklyn Based
Read the entire Brooklyn Based review here.

"The experience as a reader is intimate and ultimately fulfilling. Purchase it,
read it, then read it again."
~ Leonardo Faierman, Black Girl Nerds
Read the entire Black Girl Nerds review here.

"Like an incredibly sophisticated pastry, you could peel layers from this book
for days and still have more layers to look at." ~ Okazu
Read the entire Okazu review here.

"MariNaomi's I Thought You Hated Me is a pitch-perfect account of the ways in
which girls, teens and women create bonds, fight feelings of jealousy and
ultimately find ways to connect and reconnect over time. While her ear for
dialogue has always been sharp, it's the clarity and directness of her drawings
that make this such a distinctive and moving story about the fragility and
strength of friendship."
~ Rob Clough, critic for The Comics Journal and High-Low Comics
Read Rob Clough's review here.

"Make sure that MariNaomi's I Thought You Hated Me is on your September
comics radar. Amazing memoir of a friendship, and MariNaomi uses her
changing style to amazing effect here, using the daily comic strip form to
make each panel powerful."
~ Rob McMonigal, Panel Patter

"MariNaomi's I Thought You Hated Me is engaging, entertaining, well-written,
tightly drawn and revealing. What more could you want?"
~ Noah Van Sciver, cartoonist

"This book is so good. It seems simple, but resonates with the subtle
complexity of a long-term friendship."
~ Tyler Cohen, cartoonist

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Buy it from Retrofit Comics.

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