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MariNaomi in Print

COMING SOON: I Thought You Hated Me
Retrofit Comics, September 2016

A graphic memoir about a decades-long female friendship.

Read more about this book.

turning japanese

Turning Japanese
2dcloud, May 2016

Critically acclaimed graphic memoir about working in illegal hostess bars in San Jose and Tokyo.

This is a story about growing up in a multi-racial family, being an outsider in your motherland, and trying to maintain a strong feminist identity while working demeaning customer service jobs.

Read more about this book.

Buy a signed copy from MariNaomi (U.S. only)

dragon's breath

Dragon's Breath and Other True Stories
2dcloud/Uncivilized Books, September 2014

Nominated for a 2015 Eisner Award

In this collection of thought-provoking, emotionally honest graphic vignettes, many of which first appeared on The Rumpus as the series "Smoke In Your Eyes," MariNaomi explores a wide spectrum of topics including youthful rebellion, mortality, compassion, and partying with Duran Duran.

"Award-winning author MariNaomi returns with this charming and intimate collection of vignettes and meatier personal histories. ... The book is utterly absorbing, funny, intimate, and even philosophical."
~ Publisher's Weekly

Read more about this book.

Buy a signed copy from MariNaomi (U.S. only)





kiss and tell

Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22
Harper Perennial, 2011

In this fresh and offbeat graphic memoir, MariNaomi chronicles her time as a misfit teen and young woman looking for love in San Francisco, while bringing to light issues of identity and sexuality.

Winner of the 2012 SPACE Prize

"The book's charm lies in MariNaomi's amused and loving perspective on her curious, tough, occasionally foolish younger self: she knows she may have misunderstood the dynamics of her relationships, but she can still evoke the intensity of her feelings."
- Douglas Wolk, The New York Times

Read more about this book.

Buy a signed copy from MariNaomi (U.S. only)






On the Web

"Chicken," a short memoir comic
Buzzfeed Reader, July 2016
Read it here.
cheerleader "Cheerleader," a short memoir comic about female friendship.
Buzzfeed Reader, April 2016

Read it here.

carnivore "Carnivore," a short memoir comic about pest control and productivity.
Virginia Quarterly Review's Summer 2015 issue Read it here.

smoke in your eyes banner Smoke In Your Eyes on

Personal stories about life, death and compassion. Many of these stories were collected in the book, Dragon's Breath and Other True Stories(2dcloud, 2014).
frisco al fresco banner Frisco al Fresco on SFBay.CA

San Francisco-centric comics including restaurant reviews and personal stories about The City.

said while talking banner

Said While Talking

Light-hearted slice-of-life comics. These comics were made as a way to lighten the emotional load of Smoke In Your Eyes, which was created at the same time.

Note: This comic is only available on the Tapastic app and in zine form. Buy the zine here.

the comics journal banner Galapagos Travel Diary on The Comics Journal

An illustrated journal of five days on a cruise ship in the Galapagos.


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Self-published (In Print) Dirty Produce—2015 minicomic
Estrus Comics, issues 1-7—1998-2009 single-person anthology
The Evil—2013 minicomic
Not-so-butch—2011 minicomic
Said While Talking—2014 zine

Semi-Illustrated Interview with Alison Bechdel—2014 zine
SF Heart—2015 zine Sister Spit Tour 2011 Diary, An Illustrated Travel Journal—2011 zine
Sleep Deprived—2011 zine

What's New, Pussycat?—2014 hand-bound book Womanifesto for the Categorical New Freedom Lady zine (excerpt from a book by Inga Muscio)—1999 zine

* * * * *

© 2016 MariNaomi

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